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Hi, I'm MorphoTheRainWing, the creator of this wiki! This is a wiki where you can create original characters who are animals or mythical creatures, including anthropomorphic or non-anthro animals, and write stories about them and create universes if you wish. You may create human OCs, but only if they are somehow related to an animal OC, such as being the owner of a dog OC or being able to shapeshift between animal and human. This wiki isn't only for furries; anyone who loves animals or wants to create animal characters can join. PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE EDITING OR COMMENTING!


  1. Respect the rules that apply to this wiki and all of Wikia.
  2. No cussing. Only very mild swear words and censored swear words are allowed.
  3. No inappropriate stuff (extreme violence, sexual things, drugs, etc.). Keep the wiki G and PG most of the time, although PG-13 is allowed too with a mature content warning.
  4. Don't talk about real-world politics.
  5. Don't ask personal questions about name, age, address, et cetera, or give out personal, identifying information.
  6. Romance is allowed, but don't make it too intense.
  7. Human OCs are only allowed if they have to do with animals somehow, such as being part-animal, being the caretaker of one of your animal OCs, or being a shapeshifter. However, human OCs should be created sparingly.
  8. Magic is 100% allowed, and so are mythical creatures! Hybrids that would be impossible in real life (such as cat/dog or bird/wolf) are also allowed, and so are species that have been invented by users and free-to-use species like Dutch Angel Dragons.
  9. Any type of animal is also allowed, even invertebrates.
  10. Advanced technology and science fiction is also allowed! Robotic versions of animals and mythical creatures are allowed, as long as they aren't fan characters. Artificially created characters are also allowed as long as they are animalistic. Prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs are also allowed!
  11. No fandom OCs of published works (such as Sonic the Hedgehog, My Little Pony, or Warriors), including web series. Those go on their respective fanon wikis. However, OCs who are based on or inspired by fandom characters are allowed, as are furry fandom characters (as long as they aren't from another fandom). You will not be banned if you break this rule, even multiple times (as long as you aren't mean about it), but the page of the character will have to be changed or deleted.
  12. Do not use someone else's creation or edit their page unless they give you permission, or if it is stated on the page that it is free for all to edit. You may add fitting categories to other people's pages, however. You may only fix typos if the pages' creator states that it is allowed. Similarly, do not use other people's art unless they have given it to you as a gift or have given you permission to use it, or if they have stated that it is free for all to use.
  13. Try to avoid making Mary Sues (overpowered/"perfect" characters). No sweat if you do make one, though; you won't be banned or anything. Just try to avoid making them, as they annoy people who are roleplaying with them and are generally unrealistic and annoying.
  14. Don't come here if you hate animals or furries. Just don't.
  15. Only three original species may be created per person to avoid the wiki becoming cluttered.
  16. Make original species be at least somewhat animalistic, not just humanoids with a couple of animal features tacked on. For example: A race of humanoid seals is okay, but humans with blue skin, cat ears, and fins are not.
  17. Last but not least, The Golden Rule: DON'T BE MEAN! Treat other wiki users with kindness and respect. This wiki is a place to have fun, not argue or insult people.

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